Committee Members

The Committee's greatest asset is its global membership. Members include leaders in business, finance, academia, and non-profit organizations from around the world, including industry CEOs and former presidents, lawmakers, and cabinet-level officers. Members share the common belief that international economic cooperation is essential and best served through strong and effective international financial institutions.

Members’ work with and investment in the Committee helps us to champion global efforts to spur economic growth, alleviate poverty, and improve financial stability.

Personal Members

Bretton Woods Committee Personal Members share our commitment to demonstrate the value of international economic cooperation and to foster strong, effective Bretton Woods institutions as forces of global well-being. Personal members provide annual support to the Bretton Woods Committee in the form of a tax-deductible membership contribution at the personal level.

See a full list of personal members here.

In addition to being listed on our website, throughout the year personal members receive regular digital correspondence from the Committee which includes our quarterly newsletter. They receive advance notice and invitations to upcoming programs and flagship events. Personal members also have the opportunity to participate in programs and engage regularly with a close community of fellow Committee members and top government and IFI officials. Members are also provided with the opportunity to submit personal publications and op-eds for approval to be posted on the Views from the Members section of the Committee website.

To learn more about individual membership, please contact