IFI Procurement

Numerous business opportunities exist under the auspices of the Bretton Woods institutions. The descriptions below outline how the institutions describe their procurement systems.


International Monetary Fund (IMF)
From time to time, the IMF may invite bids on various terms of reference as its needs dictate.


World Bank Group
When the World Bank provides financing to its member countries for investment projects, each project is governed by a legal agreement between the World Bank and the government agency that receives the funds. The Bank provides information to government agency staff including training opportunities, details on the agency assessment that is carried out by the World Bank during the preparation of a project, and quick links to policies and guidance notes.


International Finance Corporation (IFC)
The IFC offers a wide variety of financial products for private sector projects in developing countries. To be eligible for IFC funding, a project must meet a number of criteria. A company or entrepreneur seeking to establish a new venture or expand an existing enterprise can approach the IFC directly by submitting an investment proposal.


Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)
MIGA focuses on insuring investments in the areas where the organization believes it can make the greatest difference by providing political risk insurance guarantees to private sector investors and lenders. MIGA’s guarantees protect investments against-non-commercial risks and can help investors obtain access to funding sources with improved financial terms and conditions.


World Trade Organization (WTO)
The WTO Procurement Section is responsible for obtaining goods and services to meet the needs of the organization. These goods and services include informatics software and hardware, security products and services, reprographic and publishing equipment and material, various consulting services, as well as goods and services related to the functioning of the WTO buildings in Geneva.


Asian Development Bank (ADB)
The ADB procures quality goods and services for its own institutional use and engages individual consultants and consulting entities for a wide range of assignments. The ADB also extends loans and provides technical assistance to its developing member countries for a range of projects and programs. These ADB-financed projects involve the procurement of goods, works and services (other than consulting services) from external suppliers.


African Development Bank (AfDB)
The AfDB procures quality goods and services for its institutional and operational use.


European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
The EBRD offers a wide range of financial instruments and takes a flexible approach in structuring its financial products.


Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
The IDB offers new business opportunities for firms and consultants from all IDB member countries through its lending program to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Each year, procurement processes for public sector projects financed by the IDB generate 20,000 separate contract opportunities.