Susanna Cafaro: Supranational Democracy Dialogue Event

The University of Salento will host a two-day event – the Supranational Democracy Dialogue– aimed at bringing together scholars of any background, NGO leaders, political activists, businessmen and all sort of innovative thinkers to discuss the big challenges that humanity is currently facing.

The main focus is on global governance, or better democratic global governance (a much less explored topic).

The event originates from the awareness that the most relevant political issues, nowadays, are – for size and complexity – out of reach of national states and need global solutions, after open inclusive debates.

Moreover, the unprecedented interconnectedness of the human family – together with the current level of technological development – has created virtual spaces where ideas can be exchanged and new democratic tools can be tested.

To involve civil society and practitioners, we invited to contribute people interested in four main issues, perfect as case studies on global governance: international migration policy and refugee protection; consequences and effects of climate change; fair-trade and sustainable development; the impact of innovation and disruptive technologies.

It came as a surprise to receive many abstracts about cross-cutting theoretical topics so, the final program was re-imagined to match the great suggestions received, to host sessions on the future of democracy (from local to global), on the reform of global institutions, on development and new technologies, on migrations and human rights, on the European Union as a lab for supranational democracy.

Panellists arrive from the US, Australia, Russia, Israel, UK, Nederland, Germany, Poland, Belgium and, of course, Italy. Attendees will come from many different places as well.

Find out more on the Supranational Democracy Dialogue website.

Qualified as a full professor since 2017, Susanna Cafaro has been an associate professor of European Union law since January 1, 2008. Currently, she teaches European Union Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Salento as well as Institutional Evolution in the European Legal Order.