Spain’s Socialists win the election, but need to find allies


The Economist  | Mon, Apr 29, 2019


BACK LAST May when he filed the censure motion that brought him into office, Pedro Sánchez brushed off demands for an immediate election. With less than a quarter of the seats in Congress, he governed for ten months through a mix of significant gestures—in particular a big rise in the minimum wage—and symbolic acts, such as starting the process of moving the remains of Franco, the former dictator, to a less prominent location.

His reward came on April 28th when his Socialist party won a general election with 123 seats, gaining 2m more votes and 38 more seats compared with the last ballot in 2016. That is well short of a majority, however, so the Socialists will need allies to govern in the 350-seat Congress. But on paper at least, Mr Sánchez may be able to find them on either left or centre-right.

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