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Institutions are products of their time, and essentially all have sell-by dates. They typically arise to meet a given challenge, and if proven durable become embedded in the fabric of their environment—at least, up to a point. 

Few initiatives would be more in keeping with the spirit and goals of the Bretton Woods Committee than the development of wide spread use of a truly international currency—the IMF’s SDR.

As the world economy and its governance structure continue to evolve at an accelerating rate, calls for reform of multilateral institutions are growing louder.

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Quarterly Newsletter

Quarterly Newsletter

Bretton Woods@75 Launch; 2018 International Council Highlights; 2018 Rome Investment Forum; Bretton Woods@75 Blog; Member Spotlight; End of Year Contribution; and More!

Quarterly Newsletter

Last Chance to Register for IC18 in Bali; Regional Spotlight: U.S.-China Trade Tumult; Policy Update: IFC SCOTUS Case; 2017-2018 Annual Report Release; Views from the Members on Asia; and More!

Quarterly Newsletter

Save the Date: 2018 International Council – Oct. 10; 2018 Annual Meeting Highlights; World Bank Capital Increase; Brazilian Infrastructure Investment Opportunities; Views from the Members on Digital Trade; and More!

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Press Release Thu, Oct 11, 2018

BALI, INDONESIA, October 11, 2018 – Bretton Woods Committee Executive Director Randy Rodgers announced today the launch of Bretton Woods@75: a global dialogue to honor 75 years of economic progress and to revitalize the spirit of Bretton Woods now and for the future.

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