Each year, the Bretton Woods Committee organizes conferences, seminars, and educational activities, many of which are designed to reach a broad public audience while others offer members the opportunity to network and exchange views on key issues in the fields of international finance, trade, and development.

  • Annual Meeting – Brings together Committee members and friends to discuss issues important to the Bretton Woods institutions and to hear from the heads of the international financial institutions, leaders in the business sector, and experts from civil society.

  • International Council – Gathers annually at the time of the Fall IMF / World Bank Annual Meetings to discuss ways forward on pressing international economic and financial issues.

  • Multilateral Roundtable – Brings together leaders from the international financial institutions and the private sector to discuss practical, innovative, public-private solutions to global economic issues.

  • Issue Area Seminars – Explore issues in international finance, trade, and development.

  • Congressional Outreach – Reminds elected leaders that global economic prosperity and lasting national security are closely tied to both leadership and continued progress on multilateral issues.